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The unique genetic makeup of the dahlia plant has made it a hybridizer’s playground, resulting in an incredibly diverse array of flower colors, forms, and sizes. Chelan Butte Dahliary brings to market an incredible spectrum of over 500 high quality dahlia cultivars, each specifically selected to capture the best of this amazing flower’s wide range of expressions – from modern to traditional, subtle to bold, playful to dramatic, ordered to chaotic. Whether as cut flowers or tubers, the Dahliary is focused on providing only the best for our clients’ needs.

the dahliary

Located in the sagebrush steppe of North Central Washington, Chelan Butte Dahliary is a boutique farm solely dedicated to the cultivation, promotion, & distribution of dahlia flowers and tubers. The sandy, well-draining soil along with the warm days and cool nights of summer combine to provide ideal conditions for dahlia plants to flourish. Water drawn from Lake Entiat – located along the Columbia River – is used to both irrigate and cool the crop.

chelan, wa

milepost 4.1 Stayman Flats Road
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we love dahlias!

And we appreciate our clients and the entire dahlia community worldwide who share the same enthusiasm for this amazing plant discovered in, and native to, the higher elevations of Mexico and Central America.

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