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Orders are nonrefundable and may not be altered or combined with other orders.


All limits are per household, per season. ORDERS THAT EXCEED THE LIMIT WILL BE REFUNDED.


Easy purchasing online through PayPal is available for our customers. (Payment with your credit card is possible without actually having a PayPal account.) All orders must be placed online through our website.


Orders under $175 incur a $12 shipping charge.

Orders of $175 or more incur a charge of 7% of the purchase price, up to a MAXIMUM SHIPPING CHARGE of $35.

ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED IN SPRING.  Pre-sale orders (placed between opening date in early Fall and the first week of March) will be shipped out weekly based on both the destination weather forecast and the en-route forecast, generally beginning in early/mid-March.  Orders placed in late spring will be sent out weekly, weather permitting, until the final shipping following our online store closing.  We are not able to provide custom shipping (early or late) of any sort.

We ship only within the USA at this time.


We guarantee that each tuber you receive from Chelan Butte Dahliary will be healthy, have at least one viable “eye” (growth point) and have the correct cultivar label.  In the rare instance that a tuber had no eye or that a variety was mislabeled, we ask that you email us by October 1 with a brief explanation of your concerns.  Please include photos of all sides of the tuber (including the SKU identification indelibly printed on your tuber) to establish the absence of a live eye.  In the case of an incorrectly labeled tuber, please include photos of the flower that bloomed instead of the variety that was ordered.  If you have received a tuber from us that had no eye or was incorrectly labeled, we will issue a refund for the price of that tuber. (Shipping charges, however, are nonrefundable.) 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our guarantee does NOT cover the following: temporary and/or shallow (less than 2” deep) planting in pots, tubers that have had cuttings taken, tubers that rot after planting, lack of bloom, open-centered blooms due to weather, or bicolor / variegated cultivars producing solid blooms. Our guarantee also does NOT cover plant/tuber loss caused by weather, animals, mites or insects, neglect, over/underwatering, unhealthy soil, improper fertilization, insufficient sunlight, disease that was contracted at the new location, herbicide carryover from imported amendments, etc.  This guarantee is valid for the current growing season only and does not apply to tubers received as a bonus.


All text, photos, and graphics on this website are the sole property of Chelan Butte Dahliary and are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws.  Reproduction and distribution of these properties without expressly written permission by the owners of Chelan Butte Dahliary is illegal.

Terms and Conditions last updated: January 12, 2024
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